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    Sanderson is a small rural community in Terrell County, Texas. Sanderson is a ranching, railroad, and border patrol community. The town is surrounded by the beautiful West Texas hills and is known as the Cactus Capital of Texas. Sanderson is located on a portion of the Pecos Trail along Historic U.S. 90. It is known as the Eastgate to the Big Bend Wilderness Area. In 1905, approximately 1,500,000 acres were carved out of Pecos County, creating what is known at Terrell County. Sanderson became the County Seat after a county election. Terrell County was named after Alexander Watkins Terrell. The county is comprised of 2,357 square miles of rocky terrain. Sanderson Schools is the only school within Terrell County.
    Terrell County ISD currently has an enrollment of approximately 125 students (PreK-12) and 35 total staff members. Terrell County ISD is home to the Eagles and is a single school district. Sanderson Schools currently competes in UIL classification 1A Division 2. Sanderson Schools has a strong tradition of school pride and EXCELLENCE.


    Terrell County ISD is dedicated to enhancing the self-worth of each student, providing a quality education in a firm, fair and friendly atmosphere, and instilling pride, respect, and responsibility for oneself and the community, thus preparing the individual for the challenges and changes of the future.

    "Terrell County ISD is an equal-opportunity employer."