2019 Jr High Track and Field Teams

Girls Track Team 2019
Boys Track Team 2019
Jr High Track Team
  • Great job to the Jr High Track and Field Teams at District!  You all did an awesome job!

    Boys Team are the District Runner-UP and the Girls placed 3rd!

    The Boys Top Athletes were:

    1st - Jeremiah Lopez with 40 points

    2nd - Dakota Mills with  36 points

    7th - Angel Lopez with 26 points

    9th - Ryan Darcus with 20 points

    The Girls Top Athlete was: 

    6th - Esmi Hernandez

    Boys Girls
     100 M Dash  100 M Dash
    4th Place -  Abel Villela 4th Place - Esmi Hernandez 
    6th Place - Dominik Khunsap   200 M Dash
    200 M Dash  8th Place - Rachael Serna 
    1st Place - Dakota Mills  400 M Dash 
    3rd Place - Ryan Darcus  7th Place - Angelina Lombardino 
     800 M Run 4 x 200 M Relay 
    1st Place - Dakota Mills  3rd Place - Angelina, Esmi, Rachael, Pilena 
    1600 M Run   4 x 400 M Relay
    1st Place - Jeremiah Lopez  3rd Place - Emma, Angelina, Pilena, Rachael 
     2400 M Run  Shot Put
     1st Place - Jeremiah Lopez 2nd Place - Esmi Hernandez 
    7th Place - Ely Farley  6th Place - Rachael Serna
    110 M Hurdles   Discus
    1st Place - Angel Lopez   1st Place - Esmi Hernandez
    300 M Hurdles  6th Place - Rachael Serna 
    1st Place - Angel Lopez  High Jump 
     4 x 100 M Relay 3rd Place - Pilena Khunsap 
    4th Place - Abel, Ryan, Ryland, Dominik   Pole Vault
     4 x 200 M Relay 5th Place - Emma Carrasco 
    2nd Place - Ryan, Jeremiah, Angel, Dakota   
     4 x 400 M Relay  
    3rd Place - Ely, Ryland, Abel, Dominik  
    Long Jump  
    4th Place - Dakota Mills  
    5th Place - Angel Lopez  
    Shot Put  
    6th Place - Ryland Johnson  
    3rd Place - Ryland Johnson  
    Triple Jump  
    3rd Place - Jeremiah Lopez  
    High Jump  
    1st Place - Jeremiah Lopez  
    2nd Place - Dakota Mills  
    Pole Vault  
    2nd Place - Ryan Darcus